Full Stack Web Developer & Audio Engineer


Acoustic guitar and vocal EP for emo-punk band, Brave Hands


Recording, mixing, mastering


Protools, C24 Board

Surviving This was recorded my senior year of college at Northeastern University's on-campus studio. At the time, Brave Hands was my friend Mambo's solo project and this was to be the first release not recorded on a computer mic in a bedroom. We wanted the quality to get better but the mood to stay the same.

This was the first time I had access to a piano in the same space that I was recording, so I decided to make the most of that opportunity. I opened the top of the piano and placed two small diaphragm condenser mics almost directly on the strings. Then I held down the sustain pedal with a sandbag, so the sound from the voice and guitar would make the piano strings to vibrate. What we ended up with was an ethereal reverb that perfectly matched the isolated nature of the songs.

Raw Piano Strings Track

Mambo only ever plays at two dynamic levels: zero and one hundred. We were limited in how much compression we could use without losing the emotion in both the very quiet and the very loud parts. The sparse use of compression and fairly heavy vocal reverb served to complete the picture of these songs being played by one guy in his room, alone.

Sleep Easy, Old Homie
Science and the Founding Mothers
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