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4 Song Tape EP for emo-punk band, Brave Hands


Recording, mixing, mastering



Standing was recorded in the Harvard Bookstore warehouse in Boston, MA and mixed in Portland, OR. The warehouse was where the band practiced and though not acoustically ideal, was the only place that provided a good amount of space to work with. Happily, the rows and rows of books helped control the room's sound. Additionally, I close-mic'd the instruments and tracked everything separately.

There are a lot of stops in these tracks and getting the listener to feel the energy in these moments was a top-priority. The bass comprises two tracks: the mic'd cab and a direct in. I used some amp modeling on the direct signal and blended it with the mic signal to get the bass to cut through the mix. The goal was to combine this with the drum mixing to generate the punch in those tight sections.

dad. (Album Version)
The Remix

I was never really satisfied with the tracks after the first mix. The problem was that all the minor adjustments I was making in the final mixing stages were not doing enough because of everything I had done at the beginning. It took a couple weeks of listening to the songs before I decided to redo them all from scratch.

Bigger Things (Original Mix)
Bigger Things. (Album Version)

The main issues with the mix were that the toms didn't sound like part of the drum kit (as well as the drums being too loud in general), the vocal reverb was way too wet, and the bass wasn't cutting through enough, which made those punchy parts duller.

Remixing from the beginning allowed me to more carefully address these issues from the start, rather than try to fix what had already been done.

Standing has been released as a cassette tape by Mindless Records.

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