Full Stack Web Developer & Audio Engineer


Audio narrative for web app featured at OMSI After Dark


Recording, mixing, mastering, composition



Dream Date is a location-based story web-app created specifically for one of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry's After Dark events. Based on the same framework as The Exchange, Dream Date takes the listener to different exhibits around the museum, playing a new piece of the story at each location.

The entire project (design, programming, and audio) was completed in only two weeks. In order to meet such a tight deadline, we tracked the vocals in a single, three-hour session and spent just over an hour recording ambient sounds at the museum. Thankfully, the raw tracks were great, cutting down the mixing time significantly.


The biggest challenge we faced in this project was conveying a sense of hopefulness during part of each scene and then segueing to a more sentimental, nostalgic emotion. We settled on adding music to each daydream/memory cycle, fading out the ambience as the narrator gets deeper in his thoughts.

To keep the daydream sequences playful, I used a strumming pattern on acoustic guitar and added a joyful melody with a piano. Then as the scene transitions to memory, the guitar rings out and the piano takes over with held chords. The effect is a clear disruption in the narrator's imagination followed by a smooth transition back into the real world.

Earthquake House

Dream Date premiered at OMSI After Dark on February 13, 2016.

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