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Daily photographic exploration of the world’s greatest dog


Design, development


Personal Project


Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML

I developed Daily Rowan to meet a very specific need — to satisfy my dad's desire to see photos of my dog, Rowan. Prior to the site's launch, I would receive daily text messages asking for a new picture of Rowan. It was not necessarily a "problem," but the solution was obvious: create a site that would display a new photo of her everyday.

In its initial form, the site would randomly select a photo from a database to which I could push new images to. Since then, I have made several updates to include features such as ensuring images aren't repeated and displaying the last few days' photos in addition to the current one.

A Well Trained Pup.

Since the site was also intended to be viewed by friends, I made sure to make the layout responsive. Over half of the page views on Daily Rowan come from mobile devices or tablets making responsive styling a necessity. Utilizing this design ensures that every visitor sees Rowan in the best way possible.

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